Easy Online Parentpay Payment System Guide for 2024

Parentpay Payment System

A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading and Installing the Parent Pay App

For parents searching for a convenient and safe means of making online transaction regarding fees payable by the child at school, then Parent Pay provides this solution. This app allows you to manage an account, pay bills and track payment history in an effortless way. Downloading and installation process of the ParentPay App.

Step 1: Access to the Parentpay

If it’s a iOS device, you can open the App Store while if you’re on Android, start with the Google Play Store. Key search word “Parent Pay” will lead on to the app.

Step 2: Download the App

Download and install the app once you locate the ParentPAY application. It should not take more than two or three minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Step 3: Create Your Parent Pay Account

Once the app is installed, launch it and follow the prompts provided for setting up your Parent Pay account. In order to safeguard your financial details you will need fill in your email address, your contact number and a secure password that will be created by you.

Step 4: Access Your Child’s School Payment System

After establishing your account, you put in your child’s details such as school, club, or trip. It will enable you to pay directly into the schools’ cashless payment solution, saving time paying for meals, trips or any other costs.

Step 5: Manage Payments and Communication

The parentpay gives an opportunity to make online payments towards your kid’s school, while at the same time it creates an avenue for communicating with them through various means such as text messages. You will stay connected to your school’s activities even as you enjoy making hassle-free, convenient online payment for your tuition fee.

By adhering to the abovementioned steps, it will be easier and secure for you to manage your child’s school fees via the Parent Pay mobile application. Convenience in having paper-less communication with your child’s school including online payments – you just have to press a button.

ParentPay Services

ParentPay Services

School shops

School Shops has a payment processing system that allows schools to obtain payments for various kinds of school products from parents. Among others, Parentpay allows for a flexible and comprehensive online catalogue regarding extra curricula activities, uniforms, wrap around services, school materials and equipment, holiday programs, and club.

That is, parents just need to have their ParentPay by scanning the barcode of an item. Parents do not have to log into parentpay.

In addition, it allows full visibility of parent Pay transactions and reports on parent debts so as to optimise school efficiency and slash savings.

Parentpay has taken many schools cash free with thousands of schools going completely cash-free with their School Shops.

School Trips

Organising and booking for school trips is a load to teachers as well as payment. Online trip management systems such as parent pay eases the pressure of schools by simplifying their offices.

An online trippage system helps you plan a trip for every size of group no matter their age and place. Also, schools should get consent from parents and offer some places for free or at a discount.

Therefore, parents have many ways of paying for the travel expenses of their children either as lump sum payments or instalments anywhere and anytime.

Donations and Gift Aid


Creating a Donations page would be helpful either if you want to increase your school’ revenue or reduce the complexity of fundraising processes.

It takes a few minutes only to create a Donation page where you upload your school logo, set goals, and publish to your friends and social media accounts. Online donations contribute greatly to more money for schools, and you can add about 25 percent of income with Gift Aid.

By reducing the amount of money that is kept at school you will not only free up the school office time but also make your cash management more effective.

SchoolCloud Parents Evening

It is difficult for parents to get a chance of meeting with teachers of their kids. Such may be a potential case that might have missed chances of improving students’ learning and performance.

SchoolCloud is an electronic system for arranging parent’s evening appointments with kids’ teachers over the Internet. Schools will be able to send messages to parents automatically via the app without involving any staff member. They will ensure that every stakeholder receives relevant information.

This module encrypts video calls for secure, private video appointments that allow parents to be mobile in their meetings—on the go from anywhere. Your teachers, pupils, and classes are synced with SchoolCloud Parents Evening which is integrated into your school management system.

Group Manager

In a growing Multy Academy Trust, it gets harder and harder to spot all those tiny details. However, this creates a challenge in identifying issues and reasons behind some decisions. The Bird’s-eye of the group on Manager Group Manager puts everything under control. In just a few clicks, you will be able to monitor such things as the number of students and attendance rates.

As of now, it is extremely easy for an individual to manage several schools located in a cluster with the help of Group Manager. You need not bother with running and maintaining hundreds of separate accounts. However, instead, it is better to just demonstrate one pivotal locus of settling and from there everything else becomes automatic.

Furthermore, Group Manager avoids hours of sifting through individual payments accompanied by various spread sheets Simply input your relevant data once, and it will fill in everything for the remainder of the report.

This, therefore, results in a handy financial management system.

Cashless Payments

Schools will certainly be interested in this as parents are continually seeking to save a few minutes and dollars. With that in view, SchoolPay has been created, enabling schools take in payments online for different purposes.

One advantage of parentpay is that provides schools with opportunities of accepting payment cards, bank transfers or paypoint. This involves paying parents conveniently and promptly with funds cleared in due course as per agreed terms. Schools that would like to use funds in different parts of the institution can split income into central and local banking.

This is convenient for parents who also order and pay for their meals online, thus minimizing wastage of food in the hospitality industry.

Medical Tracker

ParentPay Medical Tracker

The first aid, medication, and care plan software is the industry standard, known as Medical Tracker from ParentPay. Parentpay is a system that has more than 4 million users globally who find it secure, reliable, and also affordable. They are helpful in making records of injuries, illnesses, medications and other health matters within the school.

Parentpay medical tracker is trusted by parents for their children’s safety. There will be no need for filling in forms for parents as they can get incident, illness, medicine administrated reports and so on easily. This is actually true as they may even share the necessary details with parents, teachers and health workers.

In this respect, parent pay will help schools in recording occurrence, disease, medication administration in fast and correct manners. Thus, less paper work to fill translates to less time being lost and used up in the process of filing them.

In addition, ParentPay offers schools ease of use and reporting. As for instance, staff members could just register it in their mobile phones, which would prompt ParentPay to provide any related information about the MIS.

For instance, it takes less than 30 seconds to complete an incident recorded in the Medical Tracker that is also DfE compliant. Also, you can inform staff people about the number of visitors in the first aid room or notifying on a serious incident for example covid-19 case.

Meal Manager

Meal manager which is a tool for parents pay, an online tool that creates allergy safe menu specially for pupil is an example of such programs. Parents can report correct allergy information to schools through Meal Manager that narrows down the choices for vulnerable children.

To achieve maximum efficiency, schools could incorporate Meal Manager into their MIS systems. With the use of such software, this will be possible since they can trace the best school meals, the costs, and management of stocks too.

In addition, Meal Manager enables schools to view real time analytics report and dashboard that explains things in regard to their services.

It was designed with the objective of enhancing safety and healthy diets by minimizing food wastage in school canteens. Incorporating meal manager into their MIS, schools can improve efficiencies and increase revenue.


1. What is Parentpay?

ParentPAY is a tool used in many schools to make it possible for parents to pay for their children’s school meals, trips, uniforms and so on. Parents can pay securely and conveniently directly from their computer or mobile device.

2. How does it work?

A different one-time login and password is granted to parents, in order for them to log on to their parentpay account. They are able to access their child’s account overview whereby they can monitor the amounts being incurred such as making payments and setting up of auto payment for recurrent bills.

3. Why should you use Parentpay?

This can help them to reduce the time, stress and cost involved in sending money to schools via use of Parentpay. It also enhances a safer means of transparency in administration of school costs, as parents get to know where money is put for and at what particular time it was used.

4. Is Parentpay free to use?

On the side of parents, parentpay has no charges while schools may be required to pay.

5. The kinds of payments that one should expect to clear via Parentpay?

With parentpay, parents can easily pay school meals, trips, uniforms, and any other school-associated payment. Parentpay can be used by some schools for collection of donations or fundraising contributions.

6. In every school, is ParentPay?

There are thousands of schools who use parentpay in the UK, however, other schools don’t follow that practice. Hence, parents can access Parentpay by contacting the school that their child attends.

7. What should parents do if they want to use Parentpay?

Parents may ask their child’s school for a parent pay login and password. This enables them to log into their accounts and start paying immediately.


The teachers using Parentpay are able to readily view students’ payment history, follow up on student developments, and receive payments via internet. The parents like paying bills over the internet while the teachers enjoy quick payments and the ability to save some money in one go.

Parentpay also allows for safe credit card transaction over the internet. In this case, therefore, parents have a guarantee that their financial details are secure. Moreover, there is always an easy way that schools can use so as to keep follow ups on payments made, ensuring they are not misplaced nor mistakenly entered. In summary, parentpay is a dependable and convenient program that helps both families and establishments.

This gives assurance to parents and teachers their children’s financial records are secure whenever they are out of school. Parents prefer for children to go through e-payment instead of waiting till the end of every month to send in a check.

This guide should make it clear to you on how parent pay works and how you can harness it in improving your livelihood. Tell us how you found ParentPay or click below to leave a review on Facebook.


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